A conversation with my Metra conductor, who is the best Metra conductor ever...

"Well, this is the last day you'll see me for awhile."

"Why's that?"

"I have to take a few days off to go and get married."

"Really?...Naw! Really?!"

"Yup. We're doing it this weekend."

"Wow! Really?...He's a lucky guy! Who is he?"

"[Fiance's name]."

"Wow! Well you tell [Fiance's name] he stole you from me!"

"Well, have a good week!"

"Oh, now you have a good week...And good luck!"


At 6:35 PM, Blogger SweetNicole said...

Hi, I found you on BlogHer, just wanted to say I like your blog and good luck! My fiance and I aren't getting married till December, and his family is currently making me a little crazy about the wedding..

At 12:11 AM, Anonymous Kenny said...

So... What happens next? I'm really curious to know about the wedding, honeymoon, and everything else over the past 2+ months. I have really enjoyed reading this most interesting blog!

Now you're probably asking, "Who the hell are you & how did you find this blog?" Well...

I work for Purdue University (after graduating in May 2005) in West Lafayette, IN. My wife (since Nov 26 '05) is halfway through her PhD in Biomedical Engineering. And we really want to move to Chicago (city NOT suburbs) in about 2.5 yrs when she graduates.

Someone referenced chicagobloggers.com on ctatattler.com. I visit Chicago usually 1-2x/month, partially because many people I know live in Chicagoland, and am an avid CTA rider on these visits. So I keep up on Chicago news (and now blogs) quite a bit in my downtime at work.

I started randomly looking at blogs on the CTA map in areas we would be interested in living .... then found yours because I'm a huge Colts fan (for almost 15 yrs), know a couple people (also Purdue grads) who now live in Decatur, IL ... And your blog is just damn interesting!

Anyway, wish you'd update your blog when you get a chance. Maybe you'll just think I'm a crazy & stalking you... This is worth a shot... Take care!


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