An update. (Get it while you can, 'cause it might not be coming again anytime soon. Sad but true.)


Oh how I have neglected you!

See, mostly what I did here was vent my frustration. (Well, I'd like to think maybe I did a bit more than that...but, no, in all honesty, probably mostly just the venting.) And with the wedding planning, there was plenty of frustration. Lately, not so much.

And I was bored with blogging. Truly, I was. And maybe still am. I haven't decided yet.

But, in case anyone is still listening, here's a brief update.

The wedding went fabulously. I finished all my crafty tasks, everyone was great and helpful, everything was beautiful, etc, etc. It was great and fun and I was pretty damn relaxed for the whole thing.

Yes, at one point I zoned out, apparently transfixed by the ring I had just placed on Fiance's finger, and I forgot to do the whole repeat-after-the-minister thing. And then, when I realized I needed to say something, I couldn't do it without laughing at myself. But, hey, that just added character and personality to the ceremony, right?

And the DJ sucked. A lot. Really. But Husband (because by then I was married!) was much more concerned by that than I was.

And my one cousin, who is 21 or 22, threw a fit about not sitting by her parents at the dinner. She was with all the other similarly-aged cousins at a table. So one of my aunts switched with her and sat with the kids. Sigh. Oh well. I actually expected something worse from her because she is a very me-me-me diva sort.

Oh, and my lovely Husband misplaced his bag of stuff to take on the honeymoon. Following the reception, instead of going straight to the lovely honeymoon suite, we drove all around Bloomington looking for the place he left his bag. Friend's hotel room? No. Parents car? No. Friend's car parked at hotel? No. Car left in church parking lot by other friend? Ding! We have a winner.

The honeymoon was great, too. We did New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. It was awesome. I want to move there. Now. There was lots of eating out, lots of walking around scenic little streets, plenty of history, and a little bit of beach. And, um, some other stuff, too, of course.

Being married is great, in that pretty much nothing has changed. We'd been together for four years and lived together full-time for two, so there weren't really any surprises.

Of course, now people keep sendind us mail to "Mr. and Mrs. Hisfirst Hislast," or even worse just "Mrs. Hisfirst Hislast," and it makes me want to scream. And over the holidays my mother-in-law did some totally unnecessary heavy hinting about incubating her some more grandchildren. (No, she didn't actually say "incubating," that's just what I hear in my head.)

My sister-in-law had another kid. Another girl.

Um, and that's about it for the news!


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